Book Review: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

I absolutely love and admire this book. I’d been trying to read it for months based on countless recommendations. When I first picked it up, I made it to THE scene (very early in the book) where 12 year old Willow Chance, an extraordinary genius and skilled gardener hoping for a friend in her new school, discovers her parents have been killed in a horrific accident. I promptly put the book down. Betrayed! The character was so intriguing and her predicament – being the first to get a perfect score on a statewide test and assumed a cheater – was maddening. Plus, she was just kindling a friendship with a high school girl she met while at the counselor (for said assumed cheating). There were so many things going for the book and then – BAM! – death and destruction.

It was maybe the next day when I just had to know the character was going to be okay. I had to make sure. So, I picked the book back up and thank goodness I did, because Willow’s story is amazing and hopeful, and oddly enough – uplifting. She changes people’s lives, she becomes an angel for others as she navigates her new reality. It’s like the author was Willow Chance herself in a past life and then reborn to write her own story. That’s how close I felt to Willow.

So, I’ll second the countless recommendations to read this book. I’ve warned you about the death and destruction part – but trust me – you should keep reading. This book deserves a spot on everyone’s must-read list.

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