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Erin has always been a fan of books. At the age of eighteen, she shocked her parents and friends when she declared she'd become a scientist so she could later become a writer.  After all, she got a 110% in high school biology, so she must have known what she was doing. She also knew that in science, especially laboratory research, you couldn't exactly bring home your work. This left lots of time to write novels in the early morning and late at night.  

Erin worked in drug research and development for more than ten years, working on new kinds of medicines and even some vaccines. Drug research and writing books are both very hard endeavors. And after ten years of hard work, none of her research drugs made it to market, but two of her books did!  

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Erin is the author of the Kira Bailey series (American Girl, Girl of the Year 2021), the Luciana series (American Girl, Girl of the Year 2018), The Friendship Experiment (HMH), and Survivor Girl (Clarion, Summer 2019), a Junior Library Guild selection. 

Erin grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Virginia with her own two little mad scientists, a hound dog named Beaker, a bunny that thinks he's a cat, and a husband that regularly puts himself in danger with all of his extreme sports.  She's represented by Marie Lamba of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

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Peanut Butter Fluffbottom:

Age: 8

Likes: bananas, cardboard tunnels, and being the boss

Dislikes: anything that is not exactly the way it should be 



Age: 5

Likes: birds, watching birds, chasing birds, and balls

Dislikes: people that are not paying attention to him

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