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Webinars and presentations for writers:


Fast Drafting for the Not-So Speedy Writer

Fast-drafting is a skill that many writers will use at some point in their careers. It could for a deadline, NaNoWriMo, or for a final push to get a stubborn idea fully on the page. We’ll explore practical tips and exercises that writers can do to find their focus and become a fast-drafter. We’ll share and discuss roadblocks to fast-drafting and brainstorm solutions, including how to turn off that annoying internal editor.

The Science of Writing Humor

We’ll take a scientific look at humor, breaking down funny to its basic elements to figure out how best to incorporate more of it into our writing. We’ll look at what makes people laugh and take a closer look at books and other media that works. Come ready to discuss and brainstorm ways to elevate the humor in your work.

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