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10 Things About my Mom on Mother's Day

1. She insists she was a drummer in a previous life.

2. She had the long-standing plank record at her gym.

3. She really likes the click-clack sound of shoes.

4. ‘Steak, carrots, and potatoes’ was keyword for ‘Lucky Charms’ when Dad was out of town.

5. She always made an extra Easter dinner on a cute little egg tray for the mean old lady down the street that lived alone even though she always answered the door with, ‘I already ate.’

6. She collects antique strollers and antique doll cribs.

7. If she ever goes missing, you just need to follow her trail of errands where she has most definitely shared her entire daily schedule in great detail with the check-out people.

8. She got an alarm system with all the works for our house after reading a Deen Koontz book.

9. She pronounces puberty like ‘pooberty.’

10. She called to congratulate a mother of a friend when he came out of the closet. (BEFORE he had the chance to share the news with his own mother but that is an entirely different story.)

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